It’s important for a business to identify itself to its clients. If your company has a muddled or non-existent corporate identity, you could be missing out on extra sales simply because your clients are unaware of all of the services or products that you can provide to them.

We can help develop a unique, bespoke corporate identity which will clearly define exactly who you are as a company and what you have to offer.

Whether you just need a company or logo that communicates your business ethos or you need us to create a detailed company image, our experienced staff can guide you through the steps that will help us to clearly identify and define exactly who you are and what you do.


Our staff will sit down with you and identify all of the key areas of your business. This will allow us to categorize the message that you need to convey clearly to your target audience so you can distinctly differentiate yourself from your competition.


Once we’ve identified what makes your business tick, we’ll apply that insight to define a strong visual brand and positioning campaign that will allow help define your company. By the end of this stage you’ll have the following key items available for use:

Employer Branding

A company identity isn’t just about communicating who you are to your clients; it also involves clearly communicating your identity to your staff. We’ll design custom graphics and images that you can use with staff oriented media such as internal-memos or private areas on your company’s website. We’ll adapt all of your in-house documents, training manuals and communication media to the new theme and identity that we’ve designed for you.

Business Branding

Here’s where we help you deliver your message directly to your customer. We’ll combine all of the earlier elements into a single uniform look that will really catch your customers’ attention and we’ll apply your new company theme to every aspect of your business that your clients come into contact with, including:

Guideline documents

We will create and write clear guidelines to help you maintain the consistency of your company brand and image across every communication medium used by your company. We’ll include guidelines for use of your new company logo, signage, marketing materials – in short you’ll have a template that will guide you into the future.

We know you have questions! Contact us today for a no-pressure chat with one of our sales staff.